MWCC Cricket Tour 2021, 23-26th July 2021

The season is truly up and running, and hopefully the pandemic continues to be respected and restrictions reduced as we move to the end of May and into June. That leaves me to remind you all that the club are ON TOUR again to Dumbleton from the 22nd July 2021.

I think many of you have now experienced/heard all about the unbridled joy and laughter the MWCC Dumbleton Tour brings. The details for this year are similar to past, however we have a couple of other incentives…(please stick with me and read it all 😉)

We will kick off the official tour with the Reigate Priory (cricket week) game, in which we will partake in fun, frolics and a flavoursome curry (managed by our very own Colonel of Curry). This will be followed on Friday with the RPCC hosting their final game of their cricket week with an memorial fixture for the late Joey Benjamin, in which a number of attendees are expected from the cricketing world. This will provide the most suitable event and venue to meet, pay our respects and prepare for the departure to Dumbleton Cricket club.

The Mogs have promised to attend a “Goodbye to Lockdown” summer party at Dumbleton cricket club on the Friday evening (23rd July 2021), where we will be seated and dined from within their infamous “cricket week marquee” (which is larger than my house) for a fantastic evening of eating, drinking and dancing…

Then on Saturday (24th July 2021), after a leisurely start to the day (from our usual base camp at the Cheltenham Doubletree Hilton), we will have annual golf competition and night out in Cheltenham Town (returning to the DoubleTree at some point that night).

From Sunday morning (25th July 2021) we will head back to Dumbleton to check into the magnificent Dumbleton Hall Hotel and prepare our bodies and minds for the game that afternoon.

This year will be slightly a different game day.

As some of you may know Dumbleton suffered some horrible news a couple of years ago, when they lost Andy Powell, one of their club stalwarts at far too young an age. Someone that a lot on the Mogs knew and in particular was very close to our own Tour Master Richard Turner. In years gone by the Mogs seem to have made such an impact on Powelly and his family, that his father Vern has invited us back specifically to play in the ‘Powelly Memorial Game’ against what I am sure with be a socially formidable Dumbleton side. Headlining their cricket week alongside the MCC, Vern sent us this a few weeks ago:

“I thought that you may like to know the family’s initial plans for the day when DCC play the Mogs. The club is planning on a full cricket week with marquee etc. Including a match against the MCC on the Monday which will probably include a few names and faces, who may also decide to stay around on the Sunday beforehand. We imagine that there are likely to be quite a lot of people there on the day so there will be lunch available and then we will provide tea and cake and a barbeque after the match for everyone who is there. It is likely that some of Andrew’s close friends, who are not necessarily very good cricketers, will want to play..but I will know more nearer the date. Andrew’s ashes are now scattered under the oak tree in the corner together with a larger scoreboard donated in memory of him. We are looking forward to you and the Mogs being part of the day…”

I think the least we can do is be there on the Sunday with a touring squad of absolute legends, ready to honour Powelly and all the reasons why we have been invited in the first place (and continue to do so until the bar closes at 03.00 on Monday morning 😉)

At this point all the necessary accommodation has been booked, we have committed to a table at the Summer Party, the golf tournament arranged and the Dumbleton match day experience all organised. I will be liaising with Tour Master Turner very shortly, in which we will request some response from all of you. So right now please get Thursday 22nd July to Monday 26th July on the calendar in the kitchen, in the diary on your iPhone and punched into the family Google calendar NOW NOW NOW.. After you have done that, and only after, start thinking about how you can help make it happen…

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