A message from…

Your committee have a number of important roles and each of them has written a short report on their role this year

Your Hon Sec & Colonel Cuzza

30 years ago this summer England, skippered by an ageing Graham Gooch, played the West Indies also captained by a mature leader in the form of Viv Richards.  It was a full summer of 5 tests and 3 ODIs.  From an England perspective it saw the emergence of Michael Atherton as Gooch’s successor whilst Graeme Hick, designated as the new hope of English batting, made his debut at Headingley.  The test series was a 2-2 draw and England won the one day series 3-0.

Meanwhile, off the pitch, in the same epoch, a time before time when wild postmen still roamed the earth and Zoom was a photographic term and Teams meant sporting groups of players, your Curry Secretary (then Hon. Auditor) and Webmaster (at that time the Club’s Vice Captain) and well before they became Legends of the Fall, decided to organise an off season curry.  Deploying the latest technology of a mailshot using WordPerfect and a reply slip they invited Members to drinks followed by curry, hoping to be able to celebrate an England victory in the World Cup Final earlier that day, as per the attached original invitation!

The evening did not start well.  Firstly, England had lost to Australia, mistakenly trying to play expansive rugby after some criticism from David Campese and others about their forwards dominated style of play in the tournament.  Mogs spirits were slightly dampened and a few Members arrived in a state of disrepair at the Blue Anchor.  Disaster nearly struck when the soon to be Curry Secretary went to the curry house to confirm the reservation for 15 people and found the restaurant to be absolutely rammed and people waiting outside!  However, a rapid walk across Reigate found an emergency alternative venue and the Club was fed and watered and general merriment ensured.

Since then the Curry Section has thrived and is now a key part of the Club, having usurped Nets as the primary off pitch activity a number of years ago.  Generally speaking every game played the day before a Bank Holiday during the season is automatically followed by a curry as well as one night of any Tour being given over to curry.  Off season too sees winter intakes of heat on a regular basis and there is now a pantheon of regular curry takers built up over the years, almost too numerous to mention.  However, special note should perhaps be made of Sister Saag Aloo, and his chilli induced sweaty forehead, Eggson, never eschewing the call to take curry, Clubman, The Off Break, Trigger, Bruce, JD Pickles who lead the Club’s search for a new Curry Home after The Cataclysm (the 2016 closure of Golden Curry, Bell Street) and our Chairman who still attends even into his eighth decade; respect to all!  We are frequently joined by opposition players and supporters and all are welcome to attend!

Your brand Manager

We all know how important branding has become in today’s dynamic and digital world, and so that transcends to cricket, and the Mogador Wanderers.  It was probably no great surprise to many within the club that I was handpicked from the 2 available committee members without portfolio, given my well known and eclectic sartorial style, to be bestowed the title of Brand Manager. Up to that point, there was the odd historical tour shirt, warn by those still playing, but no general whites uniformity, and we wanted to convey a feeling of togetherness and spirit in representing the club, and playing for the badge.    

The weight of office hangs heavy for some, however I on the other hand feed off the adrenalin of rubbing shoulders with models and designers alike, in the cut and thrust world of haute couture. That being said, it only happened once, when I inadvertently got caught up in some form of flash mob when I happened to be passing London fashion week.

Nethertheless it is important to be on trend and reflect what is in that season, so after much research in my first cricket season as Brand Manager back in 2015, I plumped for an old skool Australian-like baggy green cap, baring the fact it was of course in our traditional and eye catching maroon colour, festooned with our Mogador emblem.  That summer turned out to be one of the hottest on record and so with it came a number of near fainting episodes as said cap added a further 28 degrees to anyone wearing it, and so whilst they looked great from afar, they were slightly less practical for 40 overs in the field.  However of course we had made that investment as a club and as individual players, and so we were stuck with that cap for 5 long years…..

I think it is important for a fashionista to reflect on fashion faux pas, and admit when style is employed over substance, or in this case too much substance. So I went back to the drawing board with my chief Milner and it was decided in 2019 that we would move to a lighter and more oxygenated baseball style cap.

It is very rewarding when you see one’s vision come to reality and after working tirelessly with the creative director of our new merchandiser, we settled for a very modern looking baseball cap, with high peak, and optimum comfort. As we moved in to 2020, and the global anus horriblus, cricket didn’t start until July, however as well the excitement of meeting up with club members and well respected opposition for that first game of the season, it was extra gratifying to crack open the new cap stock and see the glee on the face of my team mates. This may well have been as a result of the recognition that they may not pass out in the field, due to the weight and heat of the previous cap, however I took it to be the fact the caps looked great!

As we move in to 2021, the order of the day for new cricket apparel this year is jumpers, with an order about to be placed in February for both long and short sleeved. I certainly invite ideas from the membership as to other opportunities to extend and broarden the range for 2022 and beyond. It’s certainly a dynamic and high octane life as a Brand Manager for a wandering Sunday cricket club, but one I relish and take on with gusto! – James “Cabbie” Honeyfield

Your Membership Secretary

You can hopefully start to build a picture of the Mogador Wanderers and the kind of cricket club we are. In addition to that I would like to add that any club is fundamentally the sum of its parts, but in the case of a wandering cricket side its more so about its members. We are very proud of our history and the relationships that we have built with teams we meet every year, but perhaps more importantly the relationships that we have made within our own membership. We are a competitive bunch, but it is absolutely key that we enjoy playing cricket and are inclusive at every level. We play most Sunday afternoon’s throughout May to September (with a couple of all day mid-week games) and manage a regular fixture list at a collection of some wonderful grounds.

We maintain a healthy non-playing membership, of which all friends and family are encouraged to follow us from the boundary or through social media.

With regards to the on field membership, we range from current and ex-league players, who have experienced a variety of standards across the Surrey leagues. There are also young and old that have never played league cricket that are looking to rekindle experiences from early school days. We all appreciate the kind of challenges that are presented with playing regular sport, maintaining a happy household and ensuring continued employment, whilst playing a sport that can take more than a couple of hours….we have realised the need to embrace those challenges and support however possible the enjoyment for all that Sunday cricket can offer. We have all found that playing for the Mogs has perfectly satisfied those sporting desires and family commitments.

The banter on and off the field is imperative and we try to stick with an unofficial mantra that our key ingredients are laughter, acceptable quality of tea, beautiful view from the boundary and an excellent standard of the local pub.

If you too love your cricket on and off the field, and are looking for a thoroughly sociable, rewarding and sporting challenge, then please get in touch. It goes without saying that all skill sets, sexes and social standing are welcome. Come and say hi…COYM! – Charlie “Dairy” Lee

Your Fixture Secretary & Honorary Tea Correspondent

Mogadorians, lets talk Tea. 2020 saw a difficult year for so many. A small and (in the grand scheme of things insignificant) loss to many of us was the return of cricket but with no tea. We hope for brighter things in 2021 but alas we must prepare ourselves for another year of DIY teas, plus I have some time and we want to beef out the new website! Outlined below are some simple guidelines we can all follow in in order to preserve the wonderful tradition of players breaking bread together as the athletes we are:

Sandwiches: Variety is key, be adventurous with these delicious bread threesomes – don’t forget 2 ingredients can make 3 different sandwiches: a cheese, a ham, a cheese and ham. Be bold with the bread but don’t get sucked into the world of seeded. False nutrition and you will be seeing it for weeks! Consider one showstopper as a talking point, Halloumi and Apricot Jam perhaps, add some stuffing to your traditional chicken mayo or even banana (nature’s energy bar) and peanut butter? Traditionals are fine but as one of the world’s most flexible cuisines, if you are in a rush or stuck for ideas this is potentially one area you can make more exciting. 

Savouries – Having a savoury option at a traditional tea will certainly bring you into the MWCC league of tasters top 10. Where cooking facilities are not available though what savouries work best cold? If you are without cooking facilities, consider avoiding puff pastry which tends to be claggy when eaten cold. Shortcrust equally so but may fair better with the sweet comfort of a quiche lorraine on top. If pastry is a must, filo may work best so consider buying a ticket to samosa street or spring roll drive? Otherwise though, a well crumbed scotch egg, mini Cumberland ring or chicken bite could give you the savoury hit without clogging the roof of your mouth

Cakes/Confectionary – Not wishing to get too hysterical about this but if Jesus had some individually wrapped soreen loaves and fish, the narrative could have been improved a bit… anything wrapped individually must be considered high value currency giving you both options for later snacking after missing a straight one early in the second innings, but also creating a sharing option with the correct antibac wipage to hand! Think club biscuits, breakaways, penguin. A few chocolate bars have branched to cake form too, presumably for the same tax hike Mcvities sought after all those years ago. Still, twix in a cake… 

Fruit – Bananas or easy peeler clementine. Move on

Beverage – With climate change and captains ever threatening to win the toss and bowl first in 38 degrees (a feet achieved twice in a weekend during a particularly unpleasant Chennai style sweat fest of a weekend!), there is space for the old thermos! Not just a vessel of ridicule when you bring your hot Ribena to the library (No mother, I like my plastic sandals and brick red corduroys!) but also great for keeping your beverage cool. Plastic bottles will struggle if left in the sun, consider the investment in an insulating vessel and it will remove the guilt from all the rubbish you generated in the cake section 

There you have it freiends. Let’s hope to soon see the marvellous hospitality we have been spoiled with for so many seasons. But if not I hope this small offering provides all the tips you need to keep this sport a source of ridicule to those who don’t understand it and joy to those who do!

Your Hon Treasurer re. The 50 Club

The Mogador Wanderers Cricket Club run a monthly 50 Club draw to which participants pay a £5.00 per month subscription by Standing Order.

The proceeds each month are divided between a winner who receives 50% of the monthly income; a runner up who receives 25% of the monthly income and the remaining 25% goes to Club funds.

The element that goes into Club funds enables the Club to keep annual playing and non-playing subscription low and subsidise Club events.

All members and supporters are encouraged to join as the monthly draw provides a regular point of interest and fun, particularly during the quieter winter months.

The application form to join the club can be accessed below together with a copy of the club’s rules.

The results of each month’s draw is published on the website and can also be accessed below.

The promoter of the 50 Club is Frank Jackson OBE, the Mogador Wanderers Hon. Treasurer and if further information is required he can be contacted at frankjackson1945@yahoo.com or on 07721437570.

Your Tour Secretary

Cricket tours are about memories.  When the word ‘cricket’ is associated with touring, it is really an excuse to go on holiday with your great mates. Whilst no one really remembers the results of the games you play on tour – the memories are always there.  The relentless banter, hilarious stories of one off moments, drinking, nights out and how good the oppo were with looking after you.

When you find a formula that works it is magical. In days gone by, The Mogs have visited Sussex, Gloucestershire, Cornwall & Menorca, but we have spent the last 5 years being royally hosted by our dear friends at Dumbleton CC in Gloucestershire. The match report for our 1st visit started with the line “If Carlsberg invented cricket tours, then they would have invented Dumbleton”. 

Hosted by their wonderful committee from morning until night, tour is set within a panoramic vista of the wonderful clubhouse and grounds. With the majestic Dumbleton Hall for our accommodation only a 10 minute drunken stagger up the hill – it is the perfect set up. 

For 2021, the Mogs have pride and place for the Sunday fixture of their cricket week. More importantly, the focus will be a memorial game for their club legend and Mogs friend, Andy Powell. The marquee will be full and over 100 people will be supporting, this will be a fantastic  and emotional event to be part of. After the game, the Mogs Judges will hold council on the pavilion steps for drinking fines – an event that the locals love to watch. The evening is completed with hot food and a singalong with their Chairman playing his guitar until the early hours.

I encourage all of you to experience this – and make every effort to join the Mogs for this weekend. They are always marvellous memories.